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Fit Your Dream Kitchen With Modern Kitchen Appliances

Nowadays, kitchen appliances have evolved and taken on completely new features and uses in the home. Smart fridges now act as home hubs and networked kitchen appliances mean they can be controlled remotely with a smartphone. In order to take advantage of all these quality kitchen appliances, you’ll need a smart modern design to go with your kitchen.

But of course, not everyone wants to live in the future. Some people would prefer a simple and humble kitchen where they can bake the perfect cake or roast the perfect Sunday lunch. Whatever your needs are, our exceptional kitchen appliances at Mark Stephens Designer Kitchens can help you get the job done. After all, a kitchen isn’t much use if it’s all form and no function.

If you’d like to book a consultation with us or have any questions, then don’t hesitate to phone us on 01772 612613 or send us an email at info@markstephenskitchens.co.uk. We’re more than happy to speak to you about our services, but you can also visit our showroom in Preston to get a close-up look at the kitchen appliances that we offer.

Personalised Kitchen Designs with Mark Stephens Designer Kitchens

Mark Stephens Designer Kitchens is a comprehensive service that offers a completely bespoke kitchen design service. Whether you’re aiming for a traditional kitchen with natural colour tones and simple kitchen appliances or an ultra-modern design with the latest smart appliances, we have the experience and skills to meet your needs.

With 30 years of experience and counting, we’re fully committed to offering our clients the highest-quality service available. From the early stages of designing your kitchen to fitting all of your kitchen appliances, we’ll handle every single task to deliver you a spectacular kitchen.

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons why we’re the go-to choice for beautiful kitchen designs and professional fitting services.

Authentic German kitchen appliances and furniture.

We source all of our German kitchen appliances and furniture from reputable sources in the industry. We make sure that none of our stock is fake or low-quality but instead, completely authentic German engineering.

Accessible design services.

From our free consultation to our down-to-earth staff, we make sure to simplify the process and keep it as accessible as possible for our clients. We get rid of jargon to help you understand the process and stay in the loop.

Complete control over the design process.

Regardless of how difficult or simple your ideas are, you still have complete control over the design process and our staff will be available to help you make decisions should you encounter tough choices or technical challenges

We’re far more affordable than our competitors.

Since we handle everything from the consultation to the fitting process, we don’t rely on subcontractors and can get all of the work done at a much lower price.

Contact Us Today

So if you’d like to learn more about our German kitchen design services or want to book a free consultation, then don’t hesitate to phone us on 01772 612613. Alternatively, you can send us an email at info@markstephenskitchens.co.uk.